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Oldest Continuously Operating Cemetery in Blue Earth County

Board Minutes for September 22, 2003

Meeting held at US Bank, 10:00 am.

The meeting was called to order by President pro tem John Croswell. All members were present except Stan Edwards and John Peterson. Minutes were read by Sally Peterson and approved. Treasurer Dean Otto gave an updated report on our finances which was approved. The CD’s were checked by Clint Faust and Jerry Neilson. They were all present and in proper order.

Old Business

We discussed the purchase of ten cement blocks made to hold flower stands by graves and how to sell them. We decided to look at them when we got to the cemetery.

Jerry talked a little about top dressing soil for graves and explained why we need it.

New Business

John Croswell relayed a message from Stan Edwards that he thought the cemetery looks great.

Sally brought up that we should mark our new section sign to indicate the cremation area. She got the go ahead to work on the sign.

Jerry thought the sign in new section should also indicate upright monuments allowed. A motion was made and passed to get that done.

Jerry reported on the road spraying that it had to be redone. He will keep an eye on it. He also talked about the crushed rock on the eastside road. He will check on it in the spring.

Ruth motioned to accept the resignation of Winston Grundmeier and that Sally send him a thank you card for his years of service. Clinton Faust agreed to stay on the board for another three year term. Florien Seppman wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay for another term. Names that were mentioned for Winston’s replacement were Ed Wigley, Gordy Herbst and Jim Mattison. It seemed that Gordy was the likely candidate. We will vote on this at the cemetery meeting.

Dean talked about the contents of the safety deposit box that he and Ruth went though. He found a deed to the west side dated 1947. They discarded some of the old useless information.

Ruth discussed the stone that Gordy Herbst had recovered and reset in his family plot. It cost him $600.00 to have this done and that the cemetery had indicated it might we able to help him out with the cost. A motion was made and passed to pay a $300.00 reimbursement to Gordy Herbst.

We recessed until 2:00 P.M. at the cemetery.

September 22, 2003 2:00 P.M. at Minneopa Cemetery

John Croswell called the meeting to order.

All board members were present except Stan Edwards.

The vacancy on the board was discussed and Gordon Herbst was nominated to fill the vacancy. It was motioned and passed to except Gordy Herbst as a board member serving a three year term from 2004-2007. Gordy accepted the position. The other outgoing board members, Clinton Faust and Florien Seppman agreed to stay on for another three-year term from 2004-2007.

Suggestions from the open meeting were to put a date on our sign for fall clean-up. The sign will read October 15th. It was also brought to our attention that there were some broken and discarded markers laying in the east side of the cemetery. We will have them cleaned up. Sally will write a letter to the monument companies asking them to clean up and remove all replacement markers and any debris connected to their work.

A motion was made and carried to give Jerry Nielson a $500.00 check for all his work. Jerry accepted reluctantly.

Election of officers was held.

  • President - Stan Edwards
  • Vice President - John Croswell
  • Secretary - Sally Peterson
  • Treasurer - Dean Otto

Motion to adjourn was made, 2nd and carried.

Respectfully submitted by Sally Peterson