Minneopa Cemetery

Historic Minneopa Cemetery

Since 1855

Oldest Continuously Operating Cemetery in Blue Earth County

Board Minutes for September 20, 2011

President Dean Otto called the meeting to order at 10:05. Board members resent were Dean Otto, Archie Kendall, Ruth Otto, Doug Johnson, Gordon Herbst, Sally Peterson, Dale VanThuyne, John Peterson, Arlene Nielsen, and Barbara Jackowell.

TCF $18,000
US Bank $75,000
US Bank $25,000
US Bank $47,000
Valley Bank $82,000
Voyager Bank $42,000
Total $289,000

Note: These were examined after the meeting and properly verified.

Checks ($30.00 ea) for services were handed out to the board members.

The meeting was adjourned for lunch at "Number 4" with a continuation of the meeting at 1:30 at the cemetery.

1:30 Meeting at Cemetery

Phyllis Granaas was present and introduced to the rest of the board. The board members for the 2012-2014 term were presented : John Peterson, John Rush, Phyllis Granaas, and Arlene Nielsen. Gordon motioned that the board members be accepted as presented. The vote was unanimous.

The proposed officers: Doug as president, Archie as Vice President, Barbara as Secretary, Dean as treasurer and Dale as superintendent were presented. Dale made a motion to accept the slate as proposed. Again the vote was unanimous.

The safe in the block building was examined and 4 copies of the bylaws were located in there along with a back up disc for the computer and a print out copy of new lot owners for 1 year.

The signs were examined and discussed. The historic Minneopa Cemetery sign will be replaced (taken down to remove elm tree). It was generally approved that the sign should have the website on the bottom. Costs for adding it to the sign or for making a new sign should be investigated. Doug made the motion and Sally 2nd it. The vote was unanimous.

Several members walked to the other end of the cemetery to view the wash out area.

The date of the Spring meeting was tentatively set as May 8th, 2012, at the US bank as 10:00 A.M.

The meeting was adjourned 1:50 P.M.

Barbara Jackowell, Sec.