Board Minutes for September 20th, 2011

President Dean Otto called the meeting to order at 10:05. Board members resent were Dean Otto, Archie Kendall, Ruth Otto, Doug Johnson, Gordon Herbst, Sally Peterson, Dale VanThuyne, John Peterson, Arlene Nielsen, and Barbara Jackowell.

John Rush is up north and was unable to attend the meeting. Lyle Seppman's wife requested he be removed from the board due to illness.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Dean Otto gave the Treasurer's Report. The profit/loss statement showed a $2,068.01 loss. He explained this was due to an increase in mowing and payroll due to hiring Dale VanThuyne. Interest income was down. Burials were increased. He also noted that in the last 4 months of the year, expenses for lawn care typically were less.

Computer software was purchased a few years ago to make the cemetery more efficient. However, it was more complex than necessary for the cemetery organization. Linda Anderson, computer instructor at South Central College went through the Access software to make it more user friendly. The new software system will probably be written off as to use it, it would be necessary to enter over 3,000 burials.

The cemetery had some interest expense. Dean has opened a $3,000.00 line of credit to cover any cash flow problems.

Doug and Gordon were to verify the CD's after the meeting. The CD's are:

TCF $18,000
US Bank $75,000
US Bank $25,000
US Bank $47,000
Valley Bank $82,000
Voyager Bank $42,000
Total $289,000

Note: These were examined after the meeting and properly verified.

Checks ($30.00 ea) for services were handed out to the board members.

Dale gave a report on the cemetery activity since the last meeting. Memorial Day had a good turnout. He had one woman who thought her Mother's grave had been moved by her brother. She had not been moved and the matter was straightened out.

The large Elm tree by the well was removed. Barry Rosen's Tree Service cut it down for $800. Paul Bohnert, 229 Royal Road, took the wood.

9 Lots were sold. Two other lots on the old side of the cemetery have interest in them.

Dale graded the road for maintenance. He discussed a wash out area in the old part of the cemetery. Dale was added a larger rock to this area which should hold the spot better. Junipers eaten by deer appear to be coming back.

The man who is building the Caboose Stone is Roger Slicker. He purchased 2 lots. He is a single man who worked on the railroad. He wants to be buried near a railroad. The stone should be in place before winter.

Dean asked Dale if he was getting along O.K. Dale said he was having no problems. He is just doing things as they are needed. Now that the mowing was over, he would be spending some time on tree trimming. He stated that the well blew its fuses. Someone changed them but Dale does not know who did it. Dale had Green Care spray for grass in the roadways. They came right back out to re-spray missed areas and he was happy with their service.

Ruth Otto noted that the story of the Caboose stone would make a good human interest story for free advertising of the cemetery. She said there are a lot of stories on the site already and mentioned Lynn Seppman, Lyle Seppman's son, was very interested in Seppman family history. Gordon said he had written information on the Mill for Seppman's. Dale mentioned a lot of Civil War Veterans are buried there. Ruth agreed and said more are buried in Minneopa than in any other cemetery in the area.

Brown & Brown is our insurance company. Dean discussed bonding of an official with them. It would cost $140 for $100,000 and $310 for $300,000. However, they would want specific policies used in handling the money. The company would want more items to be paid online and a list of checks from Quick Book which would show any missing checks. Two people have to check the bankbooks. It was decided that we would institute some of the safety procedures but that we would not need the bonding. It was decided that a second officer would check the bank books. Barbara will do it this time.

We discussed the transfer of lots and decided to limit to direct descendents by blood line as the key requirement. It was suggested that we look into the exact wording of state laws regarding the passage of lots.

Returning to Lawn Care costs. Both sides of the cemetery were sprayed this year with a cost of $440 for one side and $398 for the other. If you pay early for the spraying there is a discount. When a year is skipped, there is an accumulative effect on the grass and weeds. John Peterson moved that the cemetery spray both sides every year. The motion was seconded and passed.

Dean stated that no advertising had been purchased in Lake Crystal as yet. Peter Johnson is updating the website.

The Historical Society will do a walk in the cemetery in October. History, landslide when the railroad went through, the township took the money for repairs to the cemetery, people in the cemetery, the madam who took care of John Dillinger, and Seppman of the Mill are all items of interest. If anyone knows of other interesting facts, please let Dean know.

The signs do not have the website on them. It was suggested that maybe an information board could be installed. The board decided to review the signage when at the cemetery later.

A discussion of Bylaws was made. The most recent Bylaws for the cemetery are dated October 1, 1917. A discussion was made of where an original copy of the bylaws could be found. John said there was a safe in the block building and they might be there. It was decided that it was time for new bylaws to be made for the cemetery. The old bylaws have election procedures, trustees, and that all lots should be graded and sodded by the cemetery. A committee of three people was proposed to research and rewrite the bylaws. Dean, John and Archie are on the committee. They will check Lakewood Cemetery, in Minneapolis for their bylaws and then be able to use them as a guide for our new bylaws.

Election of officers and board members. Doug Johnson will be the new President; Dean will remain on as Treasurer; Barbara will stay as Secretary; Dale will remain Superintendent of the grounds; and Archie Kendall will become the Vice President.

John Peterson will stay on the board. John Rush will be checked with to see if he wants to continue. Lyle Seppman will be removed at his request. Arlene will stay on the board. Suggestions for new members include the Hiniker ‘boys' and Phyllis Granaas.

It was suggested that the bylaws should include a policy that the cemetery has the right to store bodies if there is a problem with burials. In the past bodies were kept in the block building when necessary. It was suggested that the cemetery charge more for winter burials due to the extra difficulty.

The meeting was adjourned for lunch at "Number 4" with a continuation of the meeting at 1:30 at the cemetery.

1:30 Meeting at Cemetery

Phyllis Granaas was present and introduced to the rest of the board. The board members for the 2012-2014 term were presented : John Peterson, John Rush, Phyllis Granaas, and Arlene Nielsen. Gordon motioned that the board members be accepted as presented. The vote was unanimous.

The proposed officers: Doug as president, Archie as Vice President, Barbara as Secretary, Dean as treasurer and Dale as superintendent were presented. Dale made a motion to accept the slate as proposed. Again the vote was unanimous.

The safe in the block building was examined and 4 copies of the bylaws were located in there along with a back up disc for the computer and a print out copy of new lot owners for 1 year.

The signs were examined and discussed. The historic Minneopa Cemetery sign will be replaced (taken down to remove elm tree). It was generally approved that the sign should have the website on the bottom. Costs for adding it to the sign or for making a new sign should be investigated. Doug made the motion and Sally 2nd it. The vote was unanimous.

Several members walked to the other end of the cemetery to view the wash out area.

The date of the Spring meeting was tentatively set as May 8th, 2012, at the US bank as 10:00 A.M.

The meeting was adjourned 1:50 P.M.

Barbara Jackowell, Sec.