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Oldest Continuously Operating Cemetery in Blue Earth County

Board Minutes for September 20, 2004

Meeting held at U.S. Bank 10:00 A.M.

The meeting was called to order by Vice President John Croswell. All board members were present except Stan Edwards, Florian Seppman and John Peterson. The minutes were read by Sally Peterson. There was one correction. We should add that the Swanson marker was moved and the cemetery paid $300.00 toward the cost. There were no other corrections, the minutes were approved as corrected. Treasurer Dean Otto gave an updated report on our finances and it was approved. We did not look at the CD’s because Dean forgot the key. The board said it was Ok, we would go through them next year. Ruth mentioned it was so nice having someone else doing the reports.

Old Business

Ruth Otto motioned we should send a letter of appreciation to Dale Vanthuyne. It was 2nd and carried. Sally will take care of this.

John Croswell asked what our policy was for winter burials. We discussed the expense if we would have a bad winter and would discourage it depending on the individual situation. Ruth Otto suggested a committal service by the brick building, and store for later burial.

New Business

Gordy Herbst brought us up to date on the Minneopa Centennial celebration. Three possible dates are May 14th, June 5th and July 3rd of 2005. The park will offer free parking on June 5th. We thought May 14th would work out best for the cemetery’s celebration. Gordy will represent us at future meetings.

Jerry Neilsen reported on the grounds. He was unhappy with the weed kill on the roads this year. He will go with Greencare next year. The quote was $448.00 for a onetime treatment that will last for two years. A motion was made, 2nd and carried to have Greencare treat the roads next year.

Jerry Neilson wants to remove 5 cedar trees at $150.00 each and two crabapple trees at $100.00 each. The motion was make, 2nd and carried to have 7 trees removed from the cemetery.

Ruth Otto talked about advertising April –August next year in the Lake Crystal newspaper. This was tabled until the spring meeting.

Motion to adjourn and reconvene at the cemetery at 2:00 P.M. 2nd and carried.

Respectfully submitted by Sally Peterson

Minneopa Cemetery September 20, 2004 2:00 P.M.

Meeting was called to order by John Croswell. All were present except Stan Edwards and Florian Seppman.

Jerry Neilsen mentioned that John Peterson needed a new bucket for his tractor that he uses for cemetery use. John Peterson said he has been looking for a used one but has not found one yet. A motion was made, 2nd and carried to allow up to $500.00 for a new bucket.

A motion was made to pay Jerry Neilsen $500.00 to reimburse him for his services. The motion was 2nd and carried.

Sally Peterson brought up an idea she saw in another cemetery of labeling the sections so people could locate graves more easily. After discussion Ruth Otto offered to work on a design for mapping out the area. Election of Officers: The terms are up for Sally Peterson, Dean Otto and John Croswell.

A motion was made to re-elect the directors for another three year term running form 2005-2008. The motion was 2nd and carried.

A motion was made to keep the present slate of officers. It was 2nd and carried.

Motion to adjourn was made, 2nd and carried.

Respectfully submitted by Sally Peterson.