Minneopa Cemetery

Historic Minneopa Cemetery

Since 1855

Oldest Continuously Operating Cemetery in Blue Earth County

Board Minutes for September 10, 2002

Meeting held at U.S. Bank

The meeting was called to order by President Stan Edwards. All board members were present.

The secretary’s report was read and approved. Dean Otto presented and explained the treasurer’s report, which was approved. Dean Otto and John Croswell went through the CD’s and John attested that they were all there.

Old Business

Florien mentioned that the west edge and the southwest corner of the cemetery that had been cleared and leveled had not been mowed. Jerry will see that all areas are mowed. Stan will spray the road next year. Crushed rock was not needed but will be checked on and added when needed.

Jerry reported on the Walk Through, sponsored by the Blue Earth County Historical Society, held on May 19, 2002. There were over 200 in attendance.

It was very successful and he thought we should think about having another one in the future. We could use more board members in attendance.

Winston has turned over his information to the National Historical Society. It is an ongoing project.

Ruth mentioned that we need to plot out the small section by the white building, John and Florian will get this done. We also talked about the area on the southwest corner being used as grave space. Nothing was done at this meeting about either area.

New Business

A motion was made by Ruth to have permanent stakes placed on all four-corners of the West side of the cemetery. Motion passed. John Peterson and Jerry will take care of this.

We discussed raising prices for grave spaces but after discussion decided to leave as is.

Dean mentioned he thought he could get some service project at school going next spring to clean up the cemetery. He also said he filed a 990 report with the IRS. Dean was also trying to find the deed for the new northwest section of the cemetery. He will follow up on this with the county and state.

Jerry brought up the subject of allowing upright monuments in the new northwest section. After much discussion the motion was made to allow upright monuments in the northwest section with size subject to the boards approval. Motion passed.

Motion to adjourn and reconvene at 1:15 at the cemetery.

Meeting called to order.

Election of officers; Jerry and Stan were reelected to the board and John Peterson was newly elected, all serving a three-year term, (September 2002 to 2005). All officers will remain the same.

The subject of a cremation only area was discussed and a motion made to have the section from Block 403 and 423, Lot 1 to Block 401 Lot 2 designated cremation area only. The motion was carried. This gives us 48 graves which will be divided into two cremation sites per grave for a total of 96 cremation spaces designated by using the letter E (east) and W (west). Example: Block 401, Lot 2, Grave 4E or 4W. They will sell for $200.00 each.

Gordon Herbst was present at the open meeting and brought to our attention, the discarded or misplaced grave stones that were not on cemetery property. A motion was made that John Peterson will dispose of the discarded stones on the west side in what ever manor he deems fit. Motion passed. Gordon Herbst will work with us on what we should do with the Swanson monument in the woods, either retrieval or removal. He can find no history that this monument was actually used to mark a grave.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Sally Peterson.