Minneopa Cemetery

Historic Minneopa Cemetery

Since 1855

Oldest Continuously Operating Cemetery in Blue Earth County

Board Minutes for September 9, 2006

The meeting was held at U.S. Bank, 10:00 A.M.

President Stan Edwards called the meeting to order.  All board members were present except John Peterson and Ruth Otto. 

The minutes were read by Sally Peterson and approved as read.  Dean Otto gave and explained the treasurer’s report.  It was approved as read.  The C.D.’s were checked by Gordy Herbst and Sally Peterson and were all accounted for. 

Old Business

Dean Otto brought us up to date on starting a web page.  After much informative information by Dean a motion was made, 2nd and carried to give Dean up to $300.00 to buy a domain name and proceed with setting up a web page for Minneopa Cemetery.

Jerry Neilson talked about the road problem with the hill on the east side northeast corner.  We will take a look at this when we meet at the cemetery at 2:00.

Sally Peterson gave a report on road signs.  It was suggested that we buy an extra set of letters in case one gets stolen or we break one.  Sally will handle this.

Sally Peterson wanted to know if we could get an address for the cemetery so the phone book would not show her home address as the location of the cemetery.  Gordon Herbst  will take care of this.

Sally Peterson also explained the grave situation with the Moe family and will get a letter signed and notarized by the officers of the board and the new deeds mailed to the Moe Family. 

Dean Otto said because of the death of Clinton Faust we need a second person to sign for the safe deposit box.  Sally Peterson volunteered to do this. 

The motion was made 2nd, and passed to adjourn and reconvene at the cemetery at 2:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Sally Peterson, Sec.

September 6, 2006 2:00 p.m. at Minneopa Cemetery

President Stan Edwards reopened the September 6. 2006, board meeting at the cemetery.  All board members were present except John Croswell. 

New Business:

Election of board members: The terms of Florian Seppman, Gordon Herbst and Ruth Otto expire this year.  A motion was made, 2nd and carried to reelect all the above for another 3 year term running from 2007-2009.

Election of officers:  A motion was made, 2nd and carried to reelect the present slate of officers for another year. They are President, Stan Edwards, Vice President, John Croswell, Secretary, Sally Peterson and Treasurer, Dean Otto.

We looked at the road condition on the east side hill and it was decided that Stan and Jerry would get opinions from a couple of construction contractors to see what solution they can come up with for the drainage problem.  We also talked about a dead tree on the west side and decided it wasn’t on cemetery property.  Jerry will check with the State Park to see if they will cut it down. 

A motion was made, 2nd and carried to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted by Sally Peterson