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Historic Minneopa Cemetery

Since 1855

Oldest Continuously Operating Cemetery in Blue Earth County

Board Minutes for May 10th, 2011

Dean Otto called meeting to order at 9:30. Present were Dean Otto, Ruth Otto, Gordon Herbst, Dale Van Thuyne, Arlene Neilsen, Archie Kendall, and Barbara Jackowell. Doug Johnson arrived late.

New members were introduced. Current prices of lots were reviewed. It is $550.00 for a lot with $550.00 for a traditional burial and $275.00 for a cremation.

No minutes were read as the Peterson's were gone. Dean presented and explained the Financial Statements. Several items were self explanatory. Payroll on the 2010 statements is mostly for taxes but now that Dale has been hired to manage the cemetery we should expect an increase. General Maintenance was based on need. Dean is reimbursed for time spent on financial records. Sales of lots is divided half into general fund and half into perpetual care services. Perpetual Care money cannot be spent. The overall net profit was a plus last year compared with a negative the year before.

The cemetery has to file taxes due to the size of our holdings. It is being prepared by an accountant. Dean discussed the CD's being held by the cemetery at Voyager, TCF, US and Community Banks. He did not have them with and verification was tabled until fall. A discussion was made of what would be the best way to make money on the CDs which are expiring. Dean brought up that in the past, the cemetery has made loans to various individuals. This would produce a higher interest rate but which would be more complex. It was suggested that the cemetery continue with CDs at this time.

Dale started as cemetery manager Oct. 28, 2010. He gave a report on the state of the cemetery after the winter. Several cedar trees, arborvitae, and juniper trees did not weather the winter well. Gordon suggested we watch them over the summer and see if they come back. Dale continued that the burials (9 total: 2 cremations and 7 traditional) were fine - no collapses or major dips in the ground. He plans to grade out the roads later in the spring.

Dale, at Ruth's request, will plant flowers in the pots at the entrances of the cemetery.

Dale and Dean discussed a few possible lot sales. One person is interested in 3 lots so he can have a monument shaped like a caboose. Also the Hewitt family who have 4 lots may want to buy 4 more.

This brought up a discussion of refunds for lots and lot transfer fees. Currently, if someone wants to sell their lot, they must sell it back to the cemetery at the same rate as they paid for it. They cannot resell it on the open market. Ruth said state law allows the cemetery to reclaim abandoned lots after 49 years. She also said if someone buys a few lots, their spouse gets a life estate in the lots. By state law, the lots then go to the eldest child; then the eldest child of the eldest child.

If another (further distantly related) person wants to be buried in the lots, they must show proof that they are related to the owner and pay a 2nd rate of internment or transfer fee of $275.00. The discussion of who should be required to pay transfer fees and where to draw the line at family relations was discussed at length. Any final decision was tabled until the fall meeting.

Dean brought up the fact that the cemetery has been treating each side for dandelions every other year. A motion was made by Doug Johnson and seconded by Ruth Otto to treat the whole cemetery each year. This was approved and Dean will call the lawn care company to take care of it for this year. For next year, the cost of the service will be investigated before work is down.

Ruth Otto suggested that more advertising be purchased for the cemetery. She said that ads in Lake Crystal newspaper have been successful in the past. Dean said he would take care of it.

Doug Johnson requested that the date for the fall meeting be set now. The fall meeting is set for September 13th at 10:00 AM at the US Bank. After the meeting at the bank, the board would meet again at 1:30 at the cemetery.

Doug Johnson wanted to know if anyone is bonded for the board. No one is. This was discussed and it was determined that the only one who might need bonding would be Dean as he handles the finances. Dean said he would check on the cost to bond the treasurer and will report at the Fall meeting.

Finally, Dean stated that in the fall 4 members' terms are over. All members of the board should think of who might be nominated for empty seats. The meeting was adjourned at about 11:20.

Respectfully Submitted,
Barb Jackowell, Sec.