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Historic Minneopa Cemetery

Since 1855

Oldest Continuously Operating Cemetery in Blue Earth County

Board Minutes for March 19, 2003

Meeting held at the home of John and Sally Peterson.

Meeting was called to order by President Stan Edwards. All board members were present except Winston Grundmeier.

Secretary’s report was read and approved. Dean Otto presented and explained the treasurer’s report, which was approved.

Old Business

It was questioned weather we had gotten the permanent stakes placed on all four corners of the West side of the cemetery. John Peterson said there are stakes on the south side and the tree line marks the north side.

It was also brought up if the old stones, not on cemetery property, had been cleaned up. John Peterson will take care of this in the spring.

There was much discussion on the property deeds and survey maps. Dean will check safety deposit box for more information and John Peterson will continue to check on records.

New Business

Ruth moved we only allow flush markers on Blocks 401,402, 403 and 423 in the new west side/north section set aside for cremation only. Motion seconded and carried.

Jerry moved we raise grave prices to $400.00. After much discussion it was seconded and carried.

Dean moved we increase what we pay for staking of graves and markers to $20.00 retroactive to January l, 2003. Seconded and carried.

Dean moved we make the fee for setting markers at $50.00 for single marker, $75.00 for double marker and $100.00 for upright monument. Seconded and carried.

Jerry brought up the availability of a new flower stake. After much discussion no action was taken.

Sally mentioned we need to replace the two signs in the cemetery. She was given the go ahead to proceed with the project. The price quoted for each sign was $91.74.

Motion to adjourn was made, 2nd and carried.

Respectfully submitted by Sally Peterson